ALPS or my Sunday journey

Yesterday I went to the mountains with my friend Em :D :crzdance:

This is the place where people leave their cars and after that go UP :D :crzwoopie:

This is a restaurant in the mountains where Em's parents work. They actually are the owners and run this small place for many years. BTW, Em's mom is a great cook :lip: They had live music there yesterday. Two old men in the national Austrian clothes singing some national songs and playing the gitar and harmonica :crzbayan: As Em said: they never get tired, they only get drunk :crzdrink:

This is an alpine cow called Milka :cow: In the evening when her hostess comes to take her milk, this cow turns violet and white. Her milk is magic and it is used when they produce the chocolate.

Milka's friends :crzgirls: They also turn violet and white in the evening and give magic milk.

I think this place is a real cow's haven. There is juicy green grass, clean water from the mountains, sunny weather and fresh air. Sometimes I think it's cool to be a cow :crazylove: BTW, the water is VERY cold, but those cows never get ill, because they are magic cows :gh:

This is a home of a Water-Dog :dog: Unfortunately, I did not see it but some time ago Water-Dog definitely lived there. I'm afraid now it lives in some other place, because evil fish :fish: kicked it out :weep3:

Evil Fish :maniac:

Small lake - home of Evil Fish :nunu:

This cow is also magic, but in another way :cow2: Every month when there is full moon this cow turns to a BIG SCARY BEAR like this one - :winnie:

This lake is not natural. They made it to make a snow in winter for skiing :ski:

As for me - I spent more than 3 hours and got totally poisoned with mountain fresh air :teeth: I barely survived and felt a little better only after we got to a gas-station and I smelled gasoline :xmas: It was a good day :xmangel:

@темы: фоты, Австрия

2012-09-17 в 23:11 

Кейра, просто Кейра
Я подумаю об этом завтра. (с)
Какая красота!!

2012-09-17 в 23:53 

Кейра, просто Кейра, да, там очень красиво, но и довольно холодно, несмотря на солнечную погоду :cold:


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